Isabel In the Field
First Workshop in Turkey- Success!

Shahd and I just finished our first workshop about online fundraising in Turkey! We held it at the beautiful new Beyoglu Youth Center in the Sishane District (pronounced Shishanay), Istanbul. After meeting all of these wonderful representatives from Turkish organizations, we are so inspired by all of their work!

We had about 33 participants from a variety of organizations-ranging from youth political mobilizing, to girls education, to fairness in the carpet weaving industry, to combating soil erosion! So much innovation! Most of the organizations are fairly high capacity and are no fools to social media, so we were able to really dig into the issues surrounding online fundraising.

Since Turkey is a modern and developing country, we see the biggest impediment for organizations being successful on GlobalGiving is not being able to use social media, but instead being able to navigate the Turkish policy on fundraising and international donations. We’ve learned from our conversations with non-profit leaders that this issue is vague and can be problematic for some organizations. We hope that this workshop helps spark a conversation about these policies with in the non-profit sector, allowing projects to successfully raise international funds if they want to. We’ve already had one organization start the process of joining the site, so we hope the others will follow!

See the pictures of Shahd (below) and I (second one) presenting at the youth center!